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What is a vendor required to disclose when selling a property?


Vendor disclosure

At the time of listing we ask the vendor to disclose

  1. Any chattels that are not working.
  2. Any chattels specifically excluded.
  3. Any defects, hazards, or problems with the property that are known to them including leaks and/or weather-tightness issues (and supply relevant documentation).
  4. If they have obtained an insulation loan from the local council.
  5. Any work done to the property by the vendor and/or any pending works.
  6. Any consents or waivers known, consented, or signed by the vendor for neighbouring properties.

Based on the vendor’s answers to these questions we insert additional clauses in the 'Further Terms of Sale' on the Sales and Purchase Agreement.

We will share what we know about a property with potential purchasers in an open, honest and transparent way.

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