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The Importance of Earthquake Preparedness


Once again Christchurch was hit with another large earthquake leaving many homes with damage. Aside from the physical endangerment, earthquakes can leave homeowners uneasy about the state of their home or earthquake preparedness. Homeowners should have a plan in place in the case of an earthquake emergency.

Learn more about your home.

Enquire as to when your home was built and what the standards were at the time of completion. If your home was built after 2004, your home should be up to date with the latest requirements. It would pay to look into maintenance or upgrades for your home to ensure you and your family's safety.

Look into earthquake insurance.

Most home insurance does not cover natural disasters. Earthquakes don't happen all too frequently, but it's so important to be covered for a disaster like this. Find an appropriate natural disaster insurance to cover you in the case of an emergency, especially if you are in a medium to high-risk area. Make sure the policy covers the cost of living expenses in case you have to move out while repairs are being done.

Create an emergency plan with your family. 

Earthquakes can happen when we least expect it. Make a plan with your family on what to do and where to go when an earthquake occurs. Practice an earthquake drill once each month to keep it fresh in the minds of your family.

New Zealand is a phenomenal place but living on multiple fault lines can come at a cost - make sure you are your family are prepared!

How have you prepared for natural disasters? Does your family have an emergency plan? I would love to hear from you - leave your comment below! 

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