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Effectively managing both seller support and buyer enquiry are skills that you can never have too much of, and the way Susa structures her business means no enquiry is left unanswered. Employing the services of skilled salespeople, Susa ensures that no opportunity is lost to achieve the best possible price for your home while keeping you fully informed throughout the property journey.

Susa Guhl

Lead Agent & Principal

When buying or selling real estate, your ultimate success will depend on many factors but your choice of agent should be at the very top of that list.

Susa has been consistently ranked amongst the top 1% of agents across New Zealand for many years and has worked extensively in Nelson where she has owned and operated her own franchise. A licensee agent (principal) Susa has works hard to maintain her reputation for clean, transparent and ethical business, and is always focused primarily on her selling clients.

 Never content to rest on her laurels, Susa works hard to make sure she is able to deliver best-in-class systems and processes to minimise client costs and maximise client outcomes. This simple and effective approach to real estate has seen her reputation grow in the Nelson region.
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Ana Fierek

Client Care Manager & Sales Partner

Ana works in her role as our trusted Client Care Manager. A highly experienced business manager, Ana has built her own reputation in this role over several years and keeps a much-needed eye on the all-important detail. Ana is also a licensed real estate salesperson and provides further support in working with buyer enquiry.

Surrounded by real estate from an early age, Ana’s knowledge of the region and its’ communities make her a valuable asset in any property transaction.

Both my wife and myself were very satisfied with the way in which Susa Guhl put the utmost effort into the sale of our property. We would recommend Susa to anyone thinking of marketing their property.
Peter & Judy Hall,
Why did I choose Susa Guhl to market my house?…A high profile and great knowledge of current value in and around the locality of my property. It was very obvious to see that Susa was an agent that had a high success rate…A completely stress free and pressure free experience.
Andrew Malcolm,
Susa, thanks – an excellent result! You got us a quick sale with an excellent sale price!! Thanks especially for dealing with our tenants who were obviously finding the process of us selling their home of four years difficult. We were impressed that you kept us so well informed all along the way.
Leonie Gibillini & Bruce Davis,
Susa’s love of her job definitely shows in her professionalism and in the way she deals with her clients. It was apparent to us right from the start that it wasn’t just about the money for her. Susa had her work cut out for her in selling our property. She did her homework, found out what we wanted to achieve, then aimed higher and set about marketing the property in the appropriate manner to achieve this goal. Susa well and truly exceeded our expectations – she will be getting our highest recommendations to anyone we meet who is considering selling their property.
Jeff & Margaret Ireland,
Susa Guhl’s forthright and frank nature, coupled with an extensive knowledge of real estate, made the sale of our home easy. Susa was a complete whiz at making a silk purse from a sow’s ear!
Jody Langdon,
A first class real estate agent. She is very efficient, prompt, professional and can get results… We have found Susa a pleasure to talk to, direct and enthusiastic, with a great sense of humour.
Jenny & Tong Wong,

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