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How To Create A Mood Board For Your Home

Posted by Susa Guhl on 25/05/2015
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How To Create A Mood Board For Your Home_Susa Guhl Partners

Have you been thinking about refreshing the interior of your home, but don’t know where to start?

If so, creating a mood board could be just the ticket. Not only will it help you to determine what works (and more importantly, what doesn’t), it’s a practical way of bringing your ideas to life whilst getting your creative juices flowing and generating a unique sense of style for your home.

Essentially a mood board is a starting point – a foundation for your project, which helps you to know the theme (or mood) you want to create and what the end outcome will be.

A mood board can also help you to gain valuable insights about your project – helping to eliminate potentially costly mistakes and providing you with a framework to work from.

So, where do you begin?

Start by collecting ideas. Tear out pages from magazines, collect colour swatches from your local paint shop and fabric samples. Scour the web for tips, tricks and inspiration. Once you’re ‘in the zone’ you may even feel inclined to sketch or map out some elements. Let your creativity take the lead!

Remember to consider all the elements – colours, flooring, lighting, furniture, fittings – whilst creating an overall ‘look and feel’. Add, edit, cut and paste as you go.

For help selecting colours, Resene’s Colour Match app is very handy tool, which matches images to its paint samples.

Pattern Snap is another great application that helps you to match patterns with wallpaper and fabric products.

Pinterest is another fun and fabulous way to get inspired, see what others are doing and organise your ideas. Create an account to keep your images in one place and pin images from websites you like to your Boards.

The next step is to organise your ideas. You don’t need to do this in physical form, Olioboard is just one digital tool that enables you to create beautiful mood boards online and make your ideas come to life.

What tips do you have for creating mood boards? I’d love to hear from you – please leave your comments below. 

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