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4 Ways To Reclaim Space In Your Garage

Oct 06, 2015
The season of spring cleaning is upon us and it is always a bittersweet feeling – I love the result of a thorough c [more]
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Susa’s 5 Favourite Nelson City Restaur...

Aug 31, 2015
Nelson City, New Zealand, is well-equipped with an array of fantastic eateries, but there are a few restaurants tha [more]
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4 Ways to Decorate A Boring Bathroom Corner

Aug 21, 2015
One of the most interesting parts of my Nelson real estate job is noticing home design trends as they come and go.  [more]
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8 Design Ideas to Make Cleaning Your Home Ea...

Aug 06, 2015
After a long week working in Nelson real estate, the last thing I want to do is clean my house. It’s no fun living [more]
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7 Tips To Childproof Your Home

Jul 31, 2015
When it comes to the health and safety of our children, we can never be too careful. Although many childproofing ti [more]
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How To Calculate Rental Yield

Jul 12, 2015
  If you are considering purchasing an investment property, you may have seen the term ‘rental yield’ p [more]
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5 Tips To Make Reading A LIM Report Easy

Jun 30, 2015
If the thought of reading a LIM Report doesn’t exactly float your boat, rest assured, you’re not alone. [more]
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5 Auction Tips For First Home Buyers

Jun 18, 2015
  If you’re in the process of looking for your first home, the prospect of bidding at an auction with a [more]
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3 Easy Ways To Add Royal Flair To Your Home

Jun 02, 2015
What better way to mark the recently celebrated Queen’s birthday, than with a few ideas inspired by regal int [more]
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How To Create A Mood Board For Your Home

May 25, 2015
Have you been thinking about refreshing the interior of your home, but don’t know where to start? If so, crea [more]
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The Best Lasagne Recipe…Ever!

Apr 30, 2015
Today’s post is written by Susa’s daughter and client care manager for Susa Guhl Partners, Ana Fierek. [more]
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5 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Power Bill In W...

Apr 16, 2015
We’ve all felt the frosty chill of Winter creeping in this week. With the colder weather always comes the nee [more]
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