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9 Selling Tips for Vendors

Posted by Susa Guhl on 01/07/2014
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When it comes to selling your home, first impressions are everything.

Experience shows that well-presented homes generate more interest, engagement and ultimately sell for a higher price than those which haven’t paid attention to aesthetic presentation.

Look at your home through the lens of a prospective buyer, and try to envisage what they would think upon seeing the property for the first time.

If you have recently undertaken major building work, a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) should be obtained from your local Council. It’s also advisable to obtain a LIM (Land Information Memorandum) on your property.

Make a list of all the chattels that will remain in the house. Anything you may wish to take with you should be noted on the contract as an ‘exclusion’.

Here are 9 selling tips for vendors to make a winning first impression:

1. Wash the house.
This is an inexpensive way to give the exterior of the house an instant face lift. Use a soft wash rather than water blasting – and remember to include the fence, gate, paths and decks.

2. Maximise sunlight. 
Making the most of natural sunlight is one of the most important draw cards when viewing homes, so be sure to make the most of it. Tree pruning is an easy way to allow more light in. Well placed mirrors can also help to create a lighter ambience.

3. Add pot plants.
Mowing the lawns and removing excess garden rubbish go without saying. However the addition of a few pot plants around the entrance can lend a touch of colour whilst making the property feel more welcoming.

4. Have a spring clean.
Make sure the walls, light fittings, and all the nooks and crannies are clean and well dusted. Having the carpets professionally steam cleaned can also add an additional element of freshness and vibrancy as will sparkling windows.

5. Flowers and warmth.
Fresh flowers can provide a pleasant aroma and warmth to any space. During summer open all windows and doors to allow the sun to stream in. In winter have the fire or heater going to keep the interior warm.

6. Make space work for you.
There are some simple ways to create a feeling of space. Less is more. Remove clutter, store away unnecessary items in boxes, even consider rearranging the furniture.

7. Tidy up the paint work.
Sprucing up the paint work can make a significant difference when preparing your home for market. Just remember to use a professional – a messy job will send all the wrong signals to prospective buyers.

8. Remove natural dampness.
If mildew is present, use a commercially available mildew remover to give naturally damp areas, such as the bathroom and laundry, a fresher look. And if there’s lino on the floor which needs replacement, do so with a relatively nondescript pattern. Obviously new lino can often lead to a suspicion about what may be ‘hidden’ beneath.

9. Kitchen care.
Make sure cupboard doors are working, or replace if necessary. If the budget permits, consider replacing the bench top unit. Both of these are considered purchases but, in the right circumstances, can be well worth the investment.

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