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7 DIY Bedroom Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Posted by Susa Guhl on 23/03/2015
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Working in Nelson real estate, I have seen some innovative bedroom ideas over the years – some great, some not so much!

If there’s one thing I have learned it’s how valuable our own private haven is. Regardless of our age, we all love a place we can add our personality to and call our own, so making a space your kids can relate to and enjoy is really important.

You don’t need another mortgage or weeks of time to decorate a child’s bedroom.

Here are 7 tips for transforming a children’s room:

1. Create mini art galleries. 

2. Carve out the back of an ordinary wardrobe, place it in front of the entrance to a room, and you have the passage to Narnia!

3. Turn an ordinary doorknob into a talking one.

4. Hang Christmas lights behind sheer curtains for a luminescent effect.

5. Build an indoor swing.

6. Paint a chalkboard wall.

7. Create a tipi.

What ideas do you have for decorating a child’s bedroom? I’d love to hear from you! Please leave your comments below.

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