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5 Top Tips to Increase Your Home's Value


My clients often ask me what they can do to increase the value of their property.

Here are my 5 top tips to increase your home's value:

1. Upgrade your kitchen. A kitchen is the heart of the home, so a kitchen renovation should be at the top of your list.

The question is, where do you start?

A couple of fundamental improvements include upgrading to stainless steel appliances and installing counter tops made from engineered stone or granite, in order to easily improve the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Details can also make a difference, like putting shiny knobs on cabinets and purchasing a sparkling new faucet for the sink.

Another wise kitchen upgrade?

Knocking down a full or half wall, so you can connect the kitchen to a dining area or living room.

It makes the kitchen feel more spacious and if you’re cooking for a party you can still feel connected to your guests - or keep an eye on your kids while they’re playing.

2.  Revamp your bathroom. A toilet that looks old, cracked or dirty (or doesn’t flush properly) is a turn-off. The same applies to a vanity, which should be eye-catching, clean and practical.

If you have minimal space, install a vanity that recesses into the wall.

Proper lighting can also be a great value booster, such as adding a window in the bathroom, so natural light can illuminate the space.

There's one other more simple fix which home owners tend to overlook: resurfacing a tub, rather than getting a new one. This will save you money and upgrade the look of your bathroom.

3. Go greener. In the last four to five years, there’s been a growing demand for green housing. Making your home more energy efficient is an advantage for a variety of reasons.

Keeping heat in during the colder months and out during the warmer months is a huge attraction, because it makes for a healthier living environment and will help to keep down those power bills.

You can do this be installing insulation, double glazing windows, and installing solar hot water / power.

Click here to view a website which has some fantastic tips on green and sustainable housing.

4. Invest in a sprinkler system. Many home owners prefer low maintenance ground over landscaped gardens, so planting more trees and foliage won't necessarily elevate your home’s value.

But everyone wants green grass, so adding a sprinkler system which automatically turns on and off is a good investment, because it allows a buyer to keep a lawn looking good without much work.

5. Install Built-In Speakers.

High-tech homes stand out and will impress buyers. Your best bet is to centrally wire a sound system in your home, and put a speaker in every room, so you can control music from anywhere in the house with one remote.

Also, installing surround sound in the den or living room (basically wherever you watch TV), makes watching movies or sporting events more exciting.

Do you have any tips to add to the list above?

I'd love to hear from you - please leave your comments in the space provided below.

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