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5 Steps To Create The Perfect DIY Flower Bouquet

Posted by Susa Guhl on 27/03/2015
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5 Steps To Create The Perfect DIY Bouquet - Susa Guhl Partners, Nelson Real Estate

A bright and beautiful bunch of fresh, fragrant flowers is an easy way to lift the atmosphere of a room.

Whether you’re preparing for an open home, creating a centrepiece, or simply want to enjoy the abundant flowers in your garden, anyone can create the perfect bouquet with a few simple tips up their sleeve.

Here are 5 steps for creating the perfect DIY bouquet:

1. Begin with a few small branches of leafy greens to use as the base.

2. Let the shape of the branches to determine the shape of the bouquet. Organic and free flowing arrangements are more interesting than a neatly formed bunch.

3. Hold the flowers loosely in your hand. Rotate as you add more, so the beauty can be seen from all angles. Make adjustments as you go.

4. Simplicity is key. Use only a few stand-out flowers and use greenery to fill, accentuate and blend.

5. Fill in the holes. View your arrangement from the top and all around, adding extras in the gaps.

Remember to trim the ends of the stems and change the water every few days for flowers that last.

What tips do you have for creating the perfect DIY bouquet?

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