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4 Ways To Reclaim Space In Your Garage


The season of spring cleaning is upon us and it is always a bittersweet feeling – I love the result of a thorough clean, but it can take a lot of time and energy. A particularly tough place can be the garage. It’s the place where I store gadgets, gizmos and junk I don’t know what to do with. Whether you use your garage for crafts, storage or other purposes, more often than not, it becomes a jungle gym filled with items we don’t really need.

Here are 4 ways to reclaim space in your garage:

  1. Reuse peanut butter jars or mason jars for screws, nails and other small bits. These pieces can scatter around the work bench and often fall to floor. Keep them organised and in one place by using old jars to store them.
  2. Create a pegboard system to hang items. You can use this to hang rakes, shovels, hand tools, hoses, lawn chairs and more. This gets the items off the floor and makes them easier to see. Create even more room by installing a shelf above the pegboard.
  3. Hang bicycles using ceiling hooks. Hanging bicycles can open up a lot of space, especially in winter when they aren’t often used.
  4. Invest in shelving or cabinetry. Shelves allow you to organise your items and stack bins without the fear of them taking a tumble. Cabinets can look a bit better because the doors hide the clutter that may be hiding inside.

PRO TIP: When decluttering the garage, designate three areas, piles, or boxes as keep, donate, and throw. This is for items you want to keep, things you can donate and junk you can throw away.

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